Town of Oxbow Permits

Building Permits

Please note that as of September 1st, 2012 the town has a contract with Professional Building Inspections, Inc.
Anyone who is building a home, garage, shop, addition, etc. will need to have their buildings inspected.

Permit Process Summary

1. First stop is the Town Office to complete their forms requesting a permit.
2. The Town then conditionally approves permit based on their zoning bylaws.
3. The Town then sends PBI the required information.
4. A plan review is done by PBI at which time one set of approved drawings are returned to the Town along with an inspection report.
5. The builder calls for inspections as the project progresses. (Foundations, Framing, Final, Re-inspection)
6. After each inspection is done, a written report showing any deficiencies is sent to the town and a copy is left on the site for the builder.
7. Once project is complete and deficiencies clearing up, the permit is closed.



Demolition or Moving Permits

To demolish a building or to have it moved, please fill out the following document and submit to the Town Office for approval.

Demolish Permit

Dogs and Cats

Dogs are to be on a leash when not on your property. You are responsible for cleaning up dog/cat feces on other property besides your own. If your dog/cat is found running at large, it will be put in the pound and all costs and charges are the responsibility of the owner.

If your dog/cat does get picked up by the Town, the costs are as follows:

1st offence = $75, 2nd offence and there-after = $175