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The election results for the Town of Oxbow have been calculated, with the following results.  Official results will be posted on Thursday, October 27. Mayor: Robert Goodward (Acclaimed) Councillors: Darrell Dunnigan (Elected) Richard Lamontagne (Elected) Cory Mercer (Elected) Wendel Nordin (Elected) Douglas Pierce (Elected) Nicholas Shier (Elected) Mark Barnes (Defeated) Rosemary Ching (Defeated) More...

Celebrate Summer in Oxbow!

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 Be sure to check out all of the fun summary activities taking place in Oxbow from June 26 to July 7!  Larger versions of this posters are available around town, and details will be published in the Oxbow Herald.  You don't want to miss out .....

OBA Lunch & Learn October 20, 2015

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FREE Landfill Weekend

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This weekend, October 10 and 11, is the last FREE landfill weekend until April.  Take the time to clean up your yard or garage before the snow flies!  Help keep Oxbow beautiful.  The hours of the landfill are: Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Sunday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Facts About Affordable Housing

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When a community is looking at the affordable housing issue, it begins with the understanding that in order for housing to be considered affordable, it should not exceed 30% of your after tax income. It should also be understood that when the only housing available is geared at incomes of 70,000 per year and higher, people with lower incomes rent them, and do without some of the essentials of life in order to pay the rent. Did you know: The average rental in Saskatchewan is over $1000.... More...

Need Volunteers?

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A few years ago, stay at home moms made up a large part of our volunteer pool. Now, many households need two incomes to function. Add to the mix that being mobile families with at least two vehicles, many households have many children involved in many different activities, often in more than one community--all requiring volunteers. You see the issue. The demand for volunteers increases while the availability of volunteers decreases. Adding to the issue, is that people sign their kids up for s... More...