Curbside Recycling Comes To Oxbow

Posted on Monday May 02, 2011 at 02:23PM

Written by Liz Bottrell as published in the Oxbow Hearld May 2, 2011

The Town of Oxbow is taking a big step towards becoming a greener community by introducing curbside recycling this month.

"It was a success in Carlyle and it's something that is needed," said Bran Vanbeselaere, administrator for the Town of Oxbow, of why council voted to bring curbside recycling to the community.

Regens Disposal Limted, the company offering curbside recycling to Oxbow, will deliver two bins - a larger 64 gallon green bin and a smaller 48 gallon blue bin - to each household by early May.

Curbside recycling replaces the large bins previously located along Highway 18 in Oxbow.

It's more convenient - people don't have to load recycling into their vehicles and drive it to the large bins, Vanbeselaere said.

Regens trucks will collect household recycling twice a month, on the second and fourth Thursday. The green bin will be emptied on the second and Thursday of the month and the blue bin on the fourth Thursday.

The first pick up day is May 12 for the green bin.

Paper, cardboard, newspaper and milk cartons go into the green bin; plastic, tin cans and plastic milk jugs go into the blue card. Styrofoam and glass are not accepted. Regens asks that people do not place any material into plastic bags, with the exception of shredded paper.

Bins need to be rolled out by 8 a.m. on pick up day and placed in the same manner as the garbage bins.

Oxbow is the second community in which Regens is offering curbside recyclings...(For more information, pick up your copy of the Oxbow Herald).


Author: Town of Oxbow


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