The Benefits of Small Town Living

Posted on Tuesday September 18, 2012 at 02:58PM

I really love Oxbow. I love certain cities too, and I love to travel but Oxbow has a unique flavor to it and is a wonderful community in many respects.

1. Oxbow has a lower crime rate than most cities. Crimes when they occur tend to be less violent than the cities.

2. There is a lot less pollution. Even with the oilfield activity, we do not have the brown air and ozone issues that you find in much bigger centers.

3. Everyone is invited to everything. There is a million things to do, most of them cheap or free if you want to invole yourself.

4. There are employment opportunities for our young people, and many of our teens work.

5. Activities are based around the entire family--people visit their parents and grandparents.

6. You have neighbors watching over your kids, your yard, and everything.

7. People here give freely to fundraisers.

8. Our fire department are volunteers--taking the same risk, without pay

9. Small towns give you a perspective on what's important

10. You can focus--not so many distractions

11. Oxbow is host to a wonderful music/arts festivals in our province

12. Oxbow has a very low unemployment rate

13. Our vicinity's farms and gardens helped make a great farmer's market

14. All of this is run on the volunteer hours donated by hundreds of people within Oxbow.

Author: Town of Oxbow


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