Quality of Life Survey Scheduled for Early in 2013

Posted on Monday January 14, 2013 at 01:57PM

The Town of Oxbow and RM of Enniskillen conducted their first Quality of Life Survey in 2010, and the results of that survey shaped the work for the community development position that year. We did our second Quality of Life Survey in 2011, and the community worked together on more than 30 projects as a direct result. We are gearing up now for our third Quality of Life Survey. The results of the survey along with the information gathered as part of our Community Plan determine what projects get priority in the upcoming year.

People who take the time to fill out our annual survey are very important to the community. We use the inforamtiom from the survey to identify your priorities in teh areas of economic development, culture and recreation, tourism and community development. Everything that happens here happens because local people get involved and mke it happen.

Finally, the Town and the RM are partnering to develop our Official Community Plan. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive policy framework to guide the physical, environmental, economic, social, and cultural development of the municipality. We are going to need your help, your direction and your guidance so I ask when you see the ads, the call-outs and posters asking for focus groups, advertising community meetings and such, that you participate to best of your ability. It is YOUR community, and ultimately, you will decide how it is going to look in the next 20 years.

For more information, contact Lorri, Community Development Officer, Town of Oxbow, 306-483-2747

Author: Town of Oxbow


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