Culture Days 2013

Posted on Tuesday July 09, 2013 at 10:54AM

Culture Days is a collaborative, pan-canadian annual initiative that aims to raise awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement by all people in the cultural life of their local communities.


  • Fostr appreciation and support of the artistic and cultural life that islived, created and expressed across teh country in urban centres, subarban and rural communities alike;
  • Stimulate and strengent a sense of ownership of culture by citizens in their local communities;
  • Promote direct interation between creators and the public, as a key to increasing understanding and apprecation for culture which includes the arts, heritage, multiculturalism and cultural industries;
  • Affirm that every citizen is the guardian of the cultural life of his or her communty

CULTURE DAYS encourages community cultural leaders to:

  • Host  CULTURE DAYS activity during CULTURE DAYS;
  • Register the even or activity in the national dataase and be part of the Canada-wide CULTURE DAYS movement;
  • Brand the activity as a Culture Days activity--and help advocate the importance of culture in Saskatchewan communities; and
  • Share feedback with the Culture Days coordination bouth provincially and nationally. CULTURE DAYS is only in its third year, and it's listening intently to all ideas, suggestions and success.

For more information, contact SaskCulture at 306-780-9284 or email: or visit

Author: Town of Oxbow


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