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Posted on Thursday January 23, 2014 at 01:50PM

To Whom It May Concern,
The R.M. is asking any service group or non-profit group in the area if they would like to be involved in a fundraiser with remunerations to be paid to your Service Group.
Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation is conducting a One Time FREE Scrap Tire Clean-Up. This project will be held in June, July and August. There will be a 3 week period within these 3 months to facilitate the scrap tire clean up project.
Service groups (or non-profit groups) are valuable partners of the municipalities and will be specifically responsible for:
- working together with the municipalities
- executing the Service Group Application
- distributing promotional materials throughout the municipality
- developing a Collection Plan together with the municipality
- scheduling and collecting of scrap tires, including appropriate supervision and management of all volunteers who may be acting on behalf of the service group
bearing all costs associated with the round-up and transportation of the scrap tires to the collection site, including supply of equipment, tools, safety clothing, apparatus, or other necessary goods.
Remuneration for tires collected by the service group will be paid as follows:
Passenger/Light Truck – 8-30” rim size - $1.00
Medium Truck – 15-24.5” rim size - $2.00
Agricultural – 24-54” rim size - $4.50
Off the Road I & II – 23.5-39” rim size - $7.00
For tires that are dropped off by ratepayers, but handled at the collection site by the Service Group, a handling fee of 50% of the above rates will be provided as remuneration.
If your service group is interested in participating in this fundraiser, could you please let the R.M. know in writing by fax or e-mail by February 5, 2014. We will let you know whether your service group has been chosen by February 14, 2014.
Thank you for your consideration of this project
Myrna –Jean Babbings

Author: Town of Oxbow


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