Welcome to the Town of Oxbow!

community_streetThe Town of Oxbow is a friendly community offering ideal small town living!  Our local economy is largely agriculture and oilfield based. We are home to many busy cultural and recreational groups appealing to all ages. 

The Town Council and RM of Enniskillen work in partnership to continually improve the standard of living. Our innovative shared office space works well to facilitate communication between the groups.

We have a beautiful new school, and thanks to a local fundraising committee the school is equipped with a larger than average gym, and a state of the art computer lab.

We have impressive medical facilities and an active doctor recruitment committee working very hard to ensure our community has sustainable medical services.

There are no shortage of jobs due to our location at the center of the Bakkan Oilfield, and our agricultural economy.

We have curbside recycling, implemented in 2012, and an annual Farmer's Market!

The OBA, our Oxbow and Area Business Association are a group of enthusiastic business owners working together to promore our businesses, encourage new business growth and support community development.  They are the first stop for businesses who wish to connect to the larger community and very important to our areas growth plans.

Our residential lots are sold out, however there are commercial lots available both in town and through a private owner that may suit your needs. For more information, contact Christy at 306-483-2300! Let us welcome you to Oxbow!

There is so much to do in our community! Call the Community Development Office for more detail at 306-483-2747!