Welcome to the Town of Oxbow!

With a motto of "Progress with Pride", the Town of Oxbow is a growing community located in the southeast corner of Saskatchewan. We are located in the Bakkan Oil Play, an area that offers an unprecedented number of natural resource development opportunities. The location ensures that our business sector is thriving. In addition to natural resource development, agricultural activities also remain as one of the main industries found in the area. This economic activity allows for community growth. We have a new K-12 School, a hospital and medical clinic right in our community, a drugstore, and several recreational facilities. As of the 2011 Census, Oxbow's population is 1285, an increase from the 1139 population in the 2006 Census.

We have a rich history. Originally inhabited by First Nations people, settlers arrived around 1882. The community was officially incorporated in 1904, and got it's name from the winding curves of the nearby river.

The community is located in close proximity to the Souris Valley that offers residents and visitors year-round recreation and tourism activities. There are many active volunteer culture and recreation committees.