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Development Permit or Building Permit?

If you are planning to build, you need a Development Permit and possibly a Building Permit.  Read below to find out the difference between a Development Permit and a Building Permit.

Development Permits 

All construction projects require a development permit, but not all projects require a building permit.  

Development approval DOES NOT mean building permit approval.

It is in the homeowner’s best interest to receive a building/development permit to ensure insurance coverage on your policy. Your insurance policy may be void if the proper permits have not been received.

Please note that development permits from the Town of Oxbow are MANDATORY in ANY of the following cases (but not limited to):

  • Major renovations (new walls or complete floor makeover whereby floor plan changes)
  • New buildings: residential and commercial
  • New garages: attached or detached
  • Replacing windows with wider windows so change to framing is required
  • Additions
  • Change of use (was retail but now to be residential)
  • Divide a bigger building into separate smaller floor areas with separate tenants
  • Accessory buildings
  • Decks
  • For all demolitions

This includes, but is not limited to decks, sheds, garages, additions, and renovations. 

Development Permit Process Summary

  1. Fill out the Development Permit Application
  2. Include preliminary engineered plans when applicable.
  3. If the proposed project is approved by the Town, then you can proceed with the building permit process.

All Building applications will then be sent to Municode.  

Municode does not get involved until after the development permit is approved by the Town of Oxbow.

Building Permits 

If a building permit is required for your project then you must provide all required information for a plan review. 

  1. The Town then sends Municode the required information.
  2. Municode will then contact the builder and the applicant on the Development Permit.
  3. An invoice will be prepared and issued by MuniCode.  The invoice MUST be prepaid before at the Town Office before the permit will be issued.
  4. Once the project is complete and deficiencies cleared up, the permit is closed.

Click to read the MUNICODE Building Code Enforcement Process

Demolition or Moving Permits

To demolish a building or to have it moved, please fill out the following document and submit to the Town Office for approval.

Download a Demolition/Moving Permit Application

Zoning Bylaws: When do I need a Permit?

The Zoning Bylaw Schedule A 1063A applies to all land included within the boundaries of the Town of Oxbow. All development within the limits of the Town of Oxbow shall hereafter conform to the provisions of this Bylaw.

Click here to download the Zoning Map of Oxbow.